Loyality and Recommendation Programme

Along with helping our customers, we are giving them a free massage using our Loyality and Recommendation Programme. Every customer has got the card with the unique number. You don't need to have card evety time you are visiting us, just remember your customer number.

Loyality programme:
Rules are simple: if you will book 5 one hour sessions, you will get 30 minutes free. We are very flexible with our free massages, i.e. you can come 10 times and have 1h free in one go.
Recommendation programme:
Recommend 5 different people and get 30 minutes free massage. You can recommend 10 people and have 1h free. Also our Reccomendation programme can be used with Loyality programme, so you can have 5 sessions and recommend 5 people and get 1h massage for free.